Proper Twist-On Connector Technique


Twist-on Connector Best Practices    


Industry professionals have a habit of debating best practices, especially ones that involve simple tasks that we do regularly on the job site. 

One of the most common is the wire nut - or twist-on connector - and how it is applied effectively to multiple wires. 


A few tips to remember when using wire nuts:


  • the wires should be stripped equally, to the manufacturer's spec, and for the particular application that you're working on
  • the wires should be aligned equally, especially in applications where more than two wires are being twisted, or when stranded and solid is being combined
  • it is not necessary to pre-twist, the mechanical connection should be established with the twisting of the wire nut itself
  • wire nuts can and will be deformed once the wires are secured inside. 
  • connectors can be re-used if necessary if they are not compromised structurally


What are your best practices, depending on your application and job site? Please share below.