Why We Love Electricians



Why do people love electricians?

We say, what's not to love?



Let’s explore what makes our profession so lovable to the masses…


We are the reason things work.

The value of our role may go completely unnoticed to outsiders who may otherwise be clueless to how vulnerable something like a power grid or a data network could possibly be. Our tireless efforts allow these folks to rest easy, and the very infrastructure we create and support they unknowingly depend on day-in and day-out. We try not to get a big head over this, being such an integral yet unsung part of society.


An exacting bunch

There’s our way, and then there’s the wrong way. Solving problems in the field is what we do. Our ability to prepare, determine, and resolve issues in real-time is what makes us professionals. We get it right because we’re certified, proficient, and experienced.


Rockstars, complete with the van

Our offices are not only remote, they’re also ever-changing: a residence, a job site, a commercial building, an isolated electrical line in the middle of nowhere we have to scale a tower to access. We’re so dynamic we’d put a halftime performance to shame, and we’re on the road more than Van Halen with Eddie at the helm.


We’ve got the insider information

It’s well known that part of being a certified electrician means we’re dedicated to staying up to date on our qualifications, which means following the ever-changing set of rules and codes. We’d be willing to be majority of the rest of the population probably couldn’t pass the written test at the DMV.


Lives depend on us.

Getting the job done right is typically an ideal outcome in most professions. As electrician, it’s expected, or else there can be catastrophic results. We get the job done right the first time, every time – in the name of safety and dependability. This extreme level of diligence and expertise (again, gained from our countless years of training and practice) has become absolutely essential to ensure something gets done correctly on first attempt. This is more than we can say to the teenage lifeguard down at the county pool, to whom many trust their lives with every time they swim.


On-the-job athletes

Endurance and flexibility aren’t just for yoga instructors, we do it with tools and keep a cool head during physically demanding tasks. Electricians climb, crawl, balance, and access cramped spaces in all seasons – making many job sites more demanding than your average workout, and that’s even before you don PPE and reach for a set of pliers or conduit. And you wouldn’t even have to worry about a lightning strike or rogue discharge in your cushy fitness class.


(As an aside – have you seen the IDEAL National Championships? Now those are real athletes.)


Indispensable value

It can’t be overstated – we’re an absolutely critical part of the smooth running of the nation. Our efforts accomplish everything from protecting national security to keeping the ice cream cold.  Datacom, power infrastructure, and everything in between – we’re what keeps it all at full tilt so that lives can be lived well. Is it any wonder we’re proud of what we do?


Why do you think we’re such a great trade?